Children rape cases raises in Iran

This shocking report from Iranian anti-regime news channel PC Popcorn cites the latest statistics from the regime’s Law Enforcement Force, Iran’s uniformed police force, which reportedly state that of the 900 rape cases reported in 2016, 60 percent of the charges were filed by male victims and 40 percent of females, with a researcher claiming that many teenage boys sexually assault very young boys since they are less likely to get into trouble for this than for having sex with a girl.

In the Farsi language from the news channel, the newsreader says, “Rape statistics in Iran: 60 percent males, 40 percent females. The Law Enforcement Force of the Islamic Republic of Iran has released data on the rates of rape in Iran, which is shocking not because of the high numbers but because the percentage of male rape is higher than that of females. According to the Law Enforcement Force, during last year, 2016, around 900 cases of rape were recorded, with about 40 percent of these cases for female victims and 60 percent for males. Rape against males is usually perpetrated against those who are under age 15 and is carried out using deception

Mostafa Alklima, the head of Iran’s Scientific Society of Social Relief, stressed that the unofficial figures are higher than these official rates, saying that young people in the country who have reached the age of consent are committing sodomy and for some reason, they sodomize boys who in terms of age are younger than themselves. He added that many of those carrying out acts of sodomy give money to the victims, even if they are little boys. Regarding the cause of increased cases of sodomy, he said that these are the effects of a society with prohibitions where the proper education about sexual activity is not provided to children since talking about sexual activities is taboo.

He said that when teenage boys reach puberty in this society, they satisfy their sexual urges by doing so with little boys who are available without getting into trouble. Alklima states that there are incidents of rape involving single men and married men, but stressed that such acts are more common among married men, and are often accompanied by force and violence

On the consequences of sodomy, Alklima maintains that individuals who are subject to sodomy will develop psychological complexes and in many cases will find release for their own complexes through sodomizing other young boys. Many of those being sodomized are not doing it out of any desire for sodomy, he said, but because they feel forced to give in to it, which can lead to their personality being destroyed. Some of those individuals who perpetrate sodomy feel guilty when they get older, he said, but unfortunately those who do it a lot will become addicted to this behavior and will, in fact, become psychologically ill as, day by day, they inflict more harm on others

The head of the Scientific Society for Social Relief also stressed the point that when our gaze is directed toward women in society due to patriarchal attitudes, the issue of women’s rate is always highlighted; for example there is a lot of talk about runaway girls and if a girl is staying in the street at night [sleeping rough] she’ll be confronted and treated immediately. Meanwhile, there are large numbers of runaway boys in Iranian society who are ignored even if they sleep in the streets at night. These boys are definitely at risk of being drawn towards deviancy, with one of these deviant acts being sodomy, he continued, adding that if our society evolves and people become more aware and these ill people undergo treatment, then we can say there’s a hope that the rate of these rapes will decrease; otherwise the situation will, day by day, get worse and worse