Karroubi and Mousavi, the core of sedition!


[In this report, Mohseni-Eje’i, Iran’s judiciary spokesperson, is talking about several issues, including house arrests and medical care for Karroubi.]

The reporter says: Eje’i also said about house arrest of Sedition’s leaders [Karroubi and Mousavi, leaders of Green Movement] that the issue of house arrest was brought up in the recent meeting of National Security Council, and they are going to stay under house arrest. House arrest of Sedition’s leaders was ratified by National Security Council after their request for street protests in 2010. Eje’i pointed out to head of judiciary’s emphasis on more openness and cooperation with regard to the meeting of close relatives with those under house arrest. As for medical care for those under house arrest, he said that according to doctors and heads of hospitals where one of those under house arrest [Karroubi] was recently hospitalized, there is no such medical case even for heads of branches [in Iran]. Eje’i said about 2 years ago, the family of one of those under house arrest asked for transferring him to his new house, and the request was granted. Spokesperson of judiciary system said about the news regarding security forces abandoning the house of one of those under house arrest that the agents have left the house with his family making a pledge to provide the security. Eje’i reacted to some media’s remarks about the disease of one of the security criminals [Ali Reza Rajaee] and claims as to his getting cancer in prison as such:

Eje’i talks about Ali Reza Rajaee who is said to get cancer while in prison: Let me assure you that it has nothing to do with his conviction, and there have been no signs of cancer at least in his case. 2 years after leaving the prison, it is said that he has got cancer, which has resulted in enucleation. Naturally, it has nothing to do with prison and organization of prisons.

The reporter says: Issuing indictments for 20 people who had received astronomical salaries.

Eje’i talks about indictments against those who received astronomical salaries: According to Tehran’s prosecutor, the cases of 20 people have been prepared, the indictments have been issued, and have been recently sent to court. But the sentences have not been issued yet. Why have indictments been issued? It means that the salaries they have received are not only high but against the law. It means that there has been a crime. They had forged documents that this [company] had been profitable, and had divided some money among themselves as that company’s profits. They should not only return the money, but they are also criminals and should be punished. But it is possible an individual might have received some salaries, having some justifications that they haven’t committed any crimes. But they have to return the money.

Reporter concludes: In his 117th press conference, spokesperson of Judiciary system explained about the transferred properties by Tehran’s municipality, adding that contracts of 34 properties have been rescinded with former mayor’s [Ghalibaf] help. According to Eje’i, these properties were transferred unlawfully, or with huge discount. This case is still being investigated but has not gone to court yet. Spokesperson of judiciary system also confirmed the arrest of deputy of Tehran’s former mayor on financial charges but postponed the details in this regard to later.