Iran’s missile program, to be continued!

An Iranian foreign ministry spokesman announced on Tuesday that the regime intends to continue pursuing its missile program at full power, adding that the missile program and Iran’s other military affairs are domestic issues which no other nations have any right to interfere in or comment on.

At a press conference, foreign ministry spokesperson Bahram Ghasemi said, “Our policy is fully transparent and clear.  Anyway, Iranian military issues, defense issues, and missile issues are all part of Iran’s domestic policy and others have no right to speak about or interfere in this matter; we will not allow others to talk about this issue and they certainly won’t be allowed to take any action.  Such matters are Iranian domestic affairs and any actions or words from others in this regard are deemed to be external intervention in Iranian internal affairs. Hence, they will have no such permission.  Our defense policy is bright and clear and such a policy issue is in the hands of the Iranian government and the regime. We aim to defend ourselves and to contribute to the peace, stability, and security of the region, and finally, we are working very hard on our defense sector.  Also, our missile policy is one of deterrence and they will certainly be used for peace and security in the region.”