Prisons in Iran, where human rights missed

[Amir Taherkhani who had been arrested and tortured during 2009 protests in Iran is talking about his experience in Islamic Republic’s prison.]

Amir Taherkhani says: Greetings, my friends. I am Amir Taherkhani from Sweden. If you would get shot with two bullets, and then they would arrest you over nothing in 2009, and would take you to security organization. And then they would hang you from one hand [from the ceiling], and your hand would be almost severed. Then they would bring you down and break your fingers with a baton. And they would beat you with shockers so much that you would faint. And then they would take you to Kahrizak [detention center] in the middle of summer’s heat. And they would make you naked, and make you lie down on the ground and roll over asphalt and soil. And then they would make you stand up, and they would beat with Yazdi pipes – white, black and green – so much that tattoos on your body are wiped out, and your body turns black. Then put yourselves in my shoes and I put myself in your shoes. And you would be in charge of this [website] page. Then we will see if you swear at Khamenei or post nice things about him.

Amir Taherkhani continues: And then you are getting a beating in a branch [of security organization], and a mullah comes to say the mass prayer. And then as you are hanging [from the ceiling], you turn and beg him, ‘Sir, I have done nothing wrong. For God’s sake, tell them to bring me down.’ And then that mullah who has come to say the prayer and practice Islam says, ‘what God? Here I am God.’ Then you turn to your interrogator and tell the officer who is beating you and is in charge of your case, ‘I swear you by Imam Hossein, don’t beat me.’ And then that officer calls his friend [whose name is Hossein], saying ‘Hossein, come in. He has something to say to you.’ Then your hand is almost being severed, and you are hanging from the ceiling and you are crying and then you faint. And you say, ‘I swear you by Abulfazl [famous Shiite figure], don’t beat me.’ And then he will say, ‘Abulfazl isn’t here. His shift is tomorrow. He will come tomorrow.’ Then you will say, ‘I swear you by Quran, don’t beat me.’ And he says, ‘what Quran? Here I give the orders.’ Then will you talk against Islam or not?