Haley’s demands for IAEA inspections, Iran is disturbed!


In this report for the Iranian regime’s IRIB state news channel, a male newsreader begins by saying: “More details have now been published on the three-hour meeting held by Nikki Haley, the UN Ambassador of the President of the United States in Vienna, with these details, disclosed by Mrs. Haley herself.   Speaking in New York at a press briefing with reporters, she said that she had told Yukiya Amano [Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)] that Iran must issue its permission in regards to inspection of its military sites, adding that she wanted the IAEA to show more power and decisiveness in its inspections.”

The female newsreader then quotes a part of Haley’ speech at the press briefing, saying: “The IAEA is dealing with a country that has a clear history of lying and pursuing covert nuclear programs.”

The male newsreader again speaks saying: “Gholamali Khosroo,  Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, says that one of the problems is his counterpart’s [Haley’s] inexperience,” with the footage showing Khosroo saying: “” Mrs. Haley is not aware[not knowledgeable] and her political background is slight.”  The Iranian UN envoy added:  “This American way will not bring any result except the isolation of America in international assemblies [arenas], and if this way [policy] is continued, it will have a massive cost.” 

The IRBIB newsreader added: “Speaking at the U.N press briefing, Mrs. Nikki Haley said that her report to Trump and the American security team will determine the fate of the JCPOA. She also thanked the IAEA a couple of times“. 

At the conclusion of the news report, the IRIB  reporter, pictured standing in front of the UN headquarters building in New York, says: “Based on seven reports issued by the IAEA  as well as several six-monthly reports by the Secretary-General of the international organization [the UN], Iran  has completely adhered to its commitments to the JCPOA.   Kamran Najafzadeh, IRIB reporter, UN.”