Simorgh will put Iran in the Orbit!

[An IRIB report about launching an SLV rocket by Iran. U.S. administration and three European countries considered the launch in contradiction with the nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1.]

TV Anchor: Let me congratulate all of you for the opening of Imam Khomeini National Space Center with the successful launch of Simorgh Satellite Launching Vehicle (SLV).


[God is great!]

TV Anchor: In the first fixed platform base of the Islamic Republic of Iran, all stages of preparation, launch, control and guiding the SLV rockets are done. This complex is designed and constructed in accordance with today’s world standards and can meet all the country’s needs in lower orbit of the earth. Simorgh SLV missile can place satellites up to 250 kilograms in 500-kilometer orbit of the earth.