Hijarbie festival in Iran!


[An IRIB report about a children’s festival in Iran, where little girls are asked to make hijabs for their dolls.]

The reporter says: She [Haneefah] wanted to see what will happen if the dolls get dressed like herself. Now it is more than a year that it is her job: dressmaker for dolls. She is a medical student, 25 years old, born and living in Nigeria.

Haneefah asserts: I think it is very important for a doll to reflect Nigerian culture. This doll would help an impressionable little girl to find her own roots because the doll is dressed the way she is going to get dressed in the future.

The reporter continues: Whichever dress she liked, she’d make one like that for the dolls. And sometimes she would put the dresses of successful women on the dolls – like this Arab runner or American swordswoman. Then she took their pictures and post them on the Internet. And now with this page, she has a business of her own with 80,000 followers. In this group, there are at least 50 to 60 little Haneefahs. This is Hamedan, the second Festival of My Beautiful Doll. About 250 girls from Hamedan have made hijabs for their dolls, and have sent them to this festival. The works were judged, and now the winners are being appreciated.

–I wanted to teach other girls that hijab is good, wearing a headscarf is very good, wearing chador is very good.

–I thought to myself that if I want to wear hijab, then my dolls should wear hijabs too.

Reporter concludes: For Haneefah, the Nigerian dressmaker for dolls, all started from here: from the day when she thought she wanted her dolls to be dressed like herself.