Iran still in the middle stage of revolution!

[Ahmad Alamolhoda, an Iranian Shia hardline cleric, is talking about emergence of Mahdi, and its relationship to Iranian revolution.]

Alamolhoda says: It is for human beings to ask Holy God to make this reservoir [Mahdi] emerge for mankind. We must want this. We must fight all obstacles for His emergence, we must fight all difficulties of His emergence. We must fight tooth and nail to pave the way. We must stand up, so He comes. This is to expect seriously. Therefore, in this sacred Islamic revolution, our revolutionary discourse is this. The supreme leader has said it many times that our revolution has not triumphed yet. We are in the middle of a revolution. What does it mean? We drove away 40,000 American advisors from the country, we overthrew the bloody, unjust regime of Shah, we drove away a large number of thieves and plunderers from the country, we replaced the rotten, enchanting monarchic regime with the sacred Islamic regime, but our revolution has not triumphed yet.

Alamolhoda continues: The leader said we are in the middle of the way. Our revolution wasn’t for these things. We made a revolution to make Islam rule. Rule over where? Ruling over Iran? Ruling over the Middle East? Ruling over the place where God says in Quran: ruling over the world and people of the world. We made a revolution to open the way, to prepare the diving board for His emergence, to prepare the world for the political doctrine of global management of Islam. Then, He will come. That day will be the victory of our revolution. Before that, we are always on the way. We are always in the middle of the way. Therefore, brothers and sisters, it is not just formalities.

Alamolhoda asserts: It is not playing politics. It is not the question of gaining power. This is a real issue. Our generations have said it for a thousand year that their eyes were filled with the graves’ dust, but He didn’t come. We have started, so He comes. Our children wrote on their foreheads: “Mahdi, emerge!” and then went to mine fields. They said “Mahdi, emerge!” and went under fire. Right now, they have conquered many countries, they have pushed back the enemies, and in the middle of the desert of Iraq and Sham, they still write “Mahdi, emerge!” and advance. That is the peak of our revolution. And that is its victory.


Alamolhoda says at the end: And until then, we are in the middle of a revolution. We are fighting all obstacles on the path of that revolution. Our revolutionary discourse means that all our planning, all our managements, all our governances should be in alignment with that revolution. That is why we made a revolution. And that is what is called a revolutionary discourse.