Missiles manufacturing become a craft in Iranian village!


[An IRIB report about a village in northern Iran where they are building hand-made missiles.]

Reporter: Imagine! The youths from this village are defending their country. Or perhaps no one could imagine that today the youths of Kiasar village, Bushehr, would produce missiles with empty hands. Yes, missiles.

–We have been working on the missile for 3 years. Right now, we have fixed some problems, and we are going to show some parts of it.

–We have missiles with more capacities, which will show them in next years.

Reporter: Nothing less is expected because, in houses where the name of God, Ali, and Hossein are abundantly mentioned, the children will be as courageous and smart as Abbas who will defeat any evils.

–We build missiles to lessen the shadow of threats over our dear country and the Islamic Republic.

–This is just a small thing that this village’s youths have done.

Reporter: General, can we call this village, Iran’s missile village?

–We are proud of them as a missile base. And we will be proud if they accept to be a member of our group. IRGC, as the biggest power in the region, supports the government, so that it can stand up to excessive demands of the enemies, particularly America.

Reporter: The message of building these hand-made missiles is the public demand for boosting missile capability.

Reporter: This is just a miniature of our nation’s preventive capability against any military invasions, lifting any threats from our people.

IRIB, Kiasar village, Bushehr