Porters are against security!


[Commander of Border Police says back carriers who do tough jobs to earn their living are smugglers who disrupt the security of the country!]

 Commander of Border Police says: In past couple of days, we discovered some consignments of weapons and ammunition which were smuggled under the cover of goods in north west borders. These consignments which were discovered two nights ago in north western borders were being brought into the country for creating insecurity. We are following some clues indicating that a part of these were probably related to some groups. Some officials, as natural or legal persons, do some interviews about back carriers [Kulbar]. As for back carriers, the law enforcement is the first to support them, and border guards follow suit.

Commander of Border Police slams back carriers: But some of those who do interviews make mistakes. Those who are smugglers or do evil things were carrying explosives, and, for example, two nights ago some of these people were carrying weapons and ammunitions with horses and donkeys; are they back carriers? Those who do these interviews out of sympathy must be careful that these people are not back carriers. Back carriers have a definition: they have a specified place, the time of trafficking is specified, the kind of goods they can carry is specified. Those who in the middle of the night carry a package on either their own backs or on horses and donkeys – should they be called back carriers?

Commander of Border Police continues: This is disrupting security, this is against the law, this is criminal. The border guards, under difficult weather and geographical conditions, as well as difficult terms of services, are responsible for protecting and promoting the security of borders. One of the things which disrupt the security of borders is the armed smugglers who even bring illegal and anti-cultural goods into the country. And sometimes they have anti-security goods with them. Shouldn’t we confront them? This is an answer to those who do interviews or create certain images on the Internet. According to the law, the inherent duty of border guards is to control and promote the security of borders. I am telling those who knowingly or unknowingly do the interviews with any goals: they should be careful that if they do these interviews, aiming at tarnishing the services of border guards, we will certainly have to respond to them.

Commander of Border Police goes on to say: People will judge. Those who live in border areas don’t like it when some people display smugglers as back carriers. Smugglers disrupt the economic security of the country, disrupt the social security of the country. We will seriously follow this up. In other fields, thank God, there has been good planning at the national level. We hope that those goals that are set for promoting economic security which in line with the slogan of the year [come true]. Our duty is confronting smuggling seriously. We have formed headquarters for confronting smuggling in the border police and in law enforcement. In border police, Meghdad headquarter is formed for confronting smuggling. In provinces like Bushehr province, too, these headquarters are formed and has had a good performance.