Executions and violation of human rights in Iran are allowed!


[The footage is a medley report from BBC Persian and IRIB, covering UN report about violation of human rights in Iran, and Iranian Speaker of Parliament’s reaction to it.]

BBC Persian reporter talks about details of UN report: The condition of human rights in Iran was the hot issue of the annual summit of UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. Last night, Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, said in a report to this council that Iranian president Hassan Rouhani has not fulfilled his pledges with respect to human rights. In this report, he pointed out to several points, including a number of executions, torturing prisoners, conditions of detention centers, restriction of freedom of expression and press, conditions of human rights activists, women’s political participation, conditions of ethnic and religious minorities, conditions of refugees and immigrants. Mr. Ban Ki-moon expressed his concern about a high number of executions. According to this report, there were 500 to 625 executions in Iran last year. 57 executions were carried out in the public. And according to this report, there were 27 women and minors among the executed. In the new year, the executions statistics have been high. Only in the first two weeks of 2014, 40 people were executed in Iran. Another criticism was about freedom of expression and media and freedom of internet activists. According to UN report, there are 35 journalists in prison in Iran. And only in past 4 months, more than 20 internet activists have been arrested.

IRIB reporter talks about Ali Larijani’s reaction: Iran’s Speaker of Parliament, after expressing his condolence for days of Fatemeh’s martyrdom, reacted to a recent report of UN Secretary-General against Iran. In this report, fighting with drug smugglers has been considered as a violation of human rights.

Ali Larijani comments: This is very unethical and unfair. It seems that in reaction to a reiteration of such UN reports, we must revise the law and practice of fighting drugs, and let these disordered brains in the United Nations fight drugs themselves. And it makes no sense for Iranian people to give martyrs in fighting drugs, and then they publish such prejudiced reports. Is defending drug smugglers a universal value? This is shameful.

IRIB reporter continues: Mr. Larijani said recent UN Secretary-General’s report creates tension in relationships with Iran after Geneva agreement, adding that this organization has used reports by espionage organizations as a foundation for this report.

Ali Larijani asserts: It seems that U.S. has realized it has nothing to say in nuclear talks. So it has asked its agents to create a tense atmosphere for derailing the negotiations. For instance, some remarks of Britain’s officials in recent days in the fake parliament of Zionist regime, which has become a political circus for unskilled funny people these days. U.S. and UN officials should know that they are the ones who disrupt the negotiations and should not say that Iran is the one that leaves the negotiation table.

IRIB reporter says: Speaker of Parliament also pointed out to diplomatically unorthodox moves of some foreign delegations in their trips to Iran, urging it is necessary for responsible institutes to take measures for preventing such moves.

Ali Larijani urges: It is necessary for Foreign Ministry and Intelligence Ministry to act more accurately with respect to other countries’ officials’ trips, not allowing others to insult Iranian people with their behaviors. Therefore, Nation Security Commission will have a meeting with these two ministries to follow up this issue.