Environmental disasters in Iran, indifference!


[A report about environmental disaster in southern Iran, and indifference of Iranian official to the issue.]

 The reporter says: Bandar Imam Petrochemical Complex has discharged the dangerous chemical of Styrene into Musa Bay, which, besides polluting the bay, has poured into the Gulf.

Head of Khuzestan’s Organization for Protecting Environment explains: First of all, it caused the death of aquatic creatures – our initial studies show something about 15,000 to 20,000 creatures. Certainly, what we see now is the minimum of the damage.

The reporter adds: Petrochemical officials said this pollution was due to an accident. But apparently, this excuse is not acceptable to environmentalists.

Head of Khuzestan’s Organization for Protecting Environment states: Unfortunately, every now and then, we witness discharge of these chemicals. It has become a habit for them. And whenever we refer them to judiciary officials, they always have an excuse.

The reporter continues: Currently, the special petrochemical zone has 19 units beside Musa Bay and is considered as the biggest petrochemical complex of the country. But given the several years delay in Bandar Imam’s petrochemical fulfilling its obligations to shut down the chlor alkali unit, the environmental organization has warned about shutting down this unit according to the law.

Head of Khuzestan’s Organization for Protecting Environment warns: As for chlor alkali unit which discharges mercury into the sea, we have given them a deadline. If they don’t prevent the pollution, we will shut down the production line of chlor alkali.

The reporter says: But the reaction of the head of Iran’s Environment Organization to this incident was kind of interesting.

Reporter asks: Dr. Ebtekar, during past few days, we had chemical pollution in Musa Bay. What is your plan for this?

Masoumeh Ebtekar says: Now we are talking about Tehran. God willing, more on that later.