UN Rapporteur must be prosecuted!


[An IRIB report slamming UN Rapporteur Special for human rights in Iran.]

The reporter says: Rapporteur of rights human, or novelist of groups’ fantasies. This is the appointed Commissar on human rights in Iran’s affairs by United Nations. It has been two years that he has been talking about Iran here and there and prepares reports. But let’s take a look at his performance. From early days when his name was mentioned, he became the passenger on tourist and terrorist tours in different parts of the world and the fellow of politically and intellectually rejected [people].

The reporter continues: The hotels that were booked for him showed very well that caricature-making workshops of anti-people currents had found a new customer. And their financial resources were spent over the fusses of a rapporteur. Numerous meetings with those whose hands were tainted with people’s blood and had criminal thoughts against people created reports in which one could easily see the traces of terrorist and anti-revolutionary agents. And the clues could be traced to those meetings and talks. But the result was insulted against the sanctities of Iranian people and sympathetic towards terrorism.

BBC News Anchor: Today with Ahmad Shaheed, United Nations Special Rapporteur on human rights in Iran’s affairs…

The reporter goes on to say: When he was called as special Rapporteur on human rights, the overseas media found a new fixture [for their programs]. Studios in London and Washington became the place where he could repeat his claims about Iran, and show very well his organizational and common thoughts with anti-people media. And every now then he became an excuse for psychological operations against Iranian people.

Reporter asserts: There are issues that are not mentioned in Ahmad Shaheed’s reports at all: assassination of nuclear scientists, implementation of different sanctions against Iranian people, and numerous anti-human rights actions of the west in relation with Iran.

The reporter states: To show the unfairness of his reporters, it is enough to mention that whenever he read and presented his reports, the ground was prepared for imposing sanctions against Iranian people. And it can be said that full-fledged participation in sanctions against people was a part of his mission. But this person, with his erroneous, prejudiced performance, requested to enter the country. This rapporteur, who has reached a mental cul-de-sac, seems to want to continue his unfair direction. But our country has repeatedly responded to his claims and has clearly stated Iran’s position for all.

Javad Larijani says Ahmad Shaheed can be prosecuted for doing his job: In our opinion, appointing a special rapporteur for the Iranian Republic is absolutely unjustified and abusing international systems. Mr. Ahmad Shaheed has not observed the minimum of requirements and behavioral norms of reporting. From the first day when he was appointed, he has acted like a media actor, going from one media to another to propagandize against the Iranian

Republic. Ahmad Shaheed’s report lacks legal structure, technical structure, and professional methodology. The other point is that he has fallen into trap of terrorist groups. His report is the total defense of terrorism. In our opinion, this report is completely prosecutable on an international level.

Reporter concludes: Now this person who is legitimizing terrorist organizations has organized a political-intelligence network against the country, and continues to play his role in the framework of a propaganda process. Also, his criminal activities and obvious violation of basic rights of Iranian nation demand international prosecution and measures.