Tajikistan accused Islamic Republic of Iran of terrorism and civil war in this country


[A Radio Farda report about Tajikistan accusing Iran in having played a role in assassinating well-known Tajik people.]

Reporter says: With broadcasting a documentary, Tajikistan state-run TV accused Islamic Republic of Iran of having played a role in assassinating well-known people of this country through financial helps and military training for a number of Islamic Movement Party’ members.

–In 1995, by invitation Islamic Republic, I went to Islamic Republic of Iran for studying in high school. I went from Dushanbe to Ashgabat, and from Ashgabat to Islamic Republic. In cities of Qum and Gorgan, I had military training along with a group of almost 200 people.

Reporter continues: According to claims of Tajikistan state-run TV, Islamic Republic had assassinated well-known people of this country by giving instruction to a number of Islamic Movement Party’ members through Abdulhaleem Nazarzadeh, former deputy Defense Minister of Tajikistan. Between 1997 and 2005, a number of well-known people of Tajikistan including politicians, writers, journalists and Russian officers were assassinated in Tajikistan. In interview with Tajik services of RFE/RL, an official from Iran’s Embassy in Tajikistan considered the claims made in this regard baseless.

Public Relation of Iran’ Embassy in Tajikistan says: We should first investigate the issue to see who is telling such lies and why.

Reporter states: Islamic Movement Party was the main force of opposition to the government during Tajikistan’s civil war. Following 2014 unrests, Islamic Movement Party was accused by Tajikistan government of having a hand in the coup, and was announced as an extremist, terrorist party by the verdict of Tajikistan’s supreme court, and its activities were banned. Moheildin Kabiri, chairman of Islamic Movement Party, denied such charges and called them excuses for banning this party.

Reporter asks: But why several years after assassination of these well-known people of Tajikistan, the government of this country has brought up such charges against Islamic Republic. Tooraj Atabaki, analyst of issues in central Asia, holds that Iran’s stance in support of opponents of Tajikistan’s government has had a considerable impact on this.

Tooraj Atabaki asserts: Currently, Iran’s relationship with Tajikistan is going through its coldest phase. The major reason is because of the visit of the leader of Islamic Movement Party from Iran during Islamic Unity Conference, which included a meeting with Ayatollah Khamenei. Therefore, since then, Tajikistan government has turned upside down the relatively warm relationship which it had somehow kept with Iran. And, in fact, it has started a propaganda campaign against Islamic Republic of Iran.

Reporter concludes: Only a few days after the presence of leader of Tajikistan’s Islamic Movement Party in the Islamic Conference in Tehran which was strongly criticized by officials in Dushanbe, Imam Ali Rahman, Tajikistan’s president, had a trip to Saudi Arabia. A number of media interpreted this trip as closeness of Tajikistan government to Saudi’s government.