Dispute with Ahmad Shaheed, UN memories


[An IRIB report slamming Ahmad Shaheed, UN Rapporteur Special, for his report about violation of human rights in Iran.]

Reporter: The west on the tightrope of human rights. Ahmad Shaheed reports.

EU Delegation to UN: We appreciate your report including your conclusion and recommendations.

Reporter: EU delegation is appreciating the new report of Rapporteur Special. Ahmad Shaheed who has been playing the main role in the West’s human rights scenario against Iran for several years has claimed extensive imprisonment in Iran, saying that he is worried about violation of human rights in Iran.

Ahmad Shaheed: The concerns in the report show improper performance in the judiciary system, which has been the center of the report before you. It includes dual legal process, abusing solitary confinement, and not addressing the issue of compatibility of crime and punishment.

Reporter: In another part of his remarks, the Rapporteur Special expressed his regrets about house arrest of sedition leaders, adding that so far Iran has taken a few limited, verbal steps towards human rights. And a draft of Iran’s Charter of Citizens’ Rights is not serious.

Ahmad Shaheed: The current draft of Charter of Citizens’ Rights is deficient about strengthening and equalizing human rights for women and members of religious and ethnic minorities.

Reporter: Ahmad Shaheed’s claims were welcomed by appreciations and gratitude of western countries’ delegations including the U.S. and Britain. They too expressed their worries about Iranians’ rights, adding more claims to those of Ahmad Shaheed’s.

Britain Delegation to Human Rights Council in UN: We are strongly concerned about conditions of human rights in Iran. Despite changes in the rhetoric of Iranian officials, we have not witnessed any changes in human rights issues.

Reporter: The human rights scenario was not unfamiliar for participants of the meeting of Human Rights Council. And in this meeting, some reminded Ahmad Shaheed that his report must be apolitical, and some emphasized that human rights steps in Iran are considerable.

Venezuela Delegation: Iran has been unwavering in its comprehensive cooperation with human rights mechanism of United Nations.

Reporter: Our country’s delegation to Human Rights Council asked Rapporteur Special that if his report is not political, then why no attention has been paid to an extensive violation of Iranians’ rights by western countries’ sanctions. Naziri also said that Mr. Ahmad Shaheed should have prepared his data from Iran, not at the table of European officials.

Mohsen Naziri Asl (Iran’s Delegation to Human Rights Council of UN): Like the previous report, the Rapporteur has had a wrong judgment about rule of law in Iran which shows that he doesn’t have a comprehensive understanding of laws and their implementation, as well as legal institutes and structures, in Iran. Besides, the Rapporteur’s visit to several European countries for collecting data about conditions of human rights in Iran was not the correct way to completing the report.

Reporter: Secretary of Human Rights Headquarters of Judiciary system [Javad Larijani] also said that Ahmad Shaheed has become a media actor.

Javad Larijani: On the one hand, they tell us that we should not be sensitive about our security. But they themselves know no limits for protecting their own security. Secondly, insulting the sanctities has been considered as a usual thing. Our people would naturally not tolerate insulting Islamic sanctities and Islamic precepts. For example, it has been said that 4 people have been sentenced to death in one of our border provinces for attempting to contact United Nations. We got the names and researched about them. They were 4 members of PJAK. This is a fiasco.