D’Amato Sanctions against Iran are bother


[Iranian officials react to extension of ISA by the U.S.]

Ali Larijani asks: When should [the sanctions] known as D’Amato be revoked?

Mohammad Javad Zarif (12 June 2016) asserts: This legislation will expire at the end of 2016, and a group of senators and representatives are after extending it. We have notified the U.S. administration the JCPOA must be observed, and extending ISA [Iran Sanctions Act] is in contradiction with JCPOA.

The reporter continues: It is said that the U.S. House of Representatives is reviewing a legislation, which will give more powers to the new president with regard to putting more sanctions on Iran. The secretary of Iran’s Supreme Council of National Security called new sanctions as “U.S. kicking JCPOA” and warned America that “we are ready to do something that will awe you.”

Shamkhani urges: Extending these sanctions under the present conditions by anybody means “kicking JCPOA” and naturally Iranian people will respond to it. A technical package has been prepared that if they kick JCPOA, that package will be implemented, in such a way that will awe them.

The reporter says: Iran’s Defense Minister also said the U.S. should not dishonor itself anymore.

Hossein Dehghan asserts: It is better for them to keep their honor, and do not dishonor themselves any longer, and do not harm others’ trust in themselves anymore.

Reporter concludes: U.S. House of Representatives has passed another legislation, which will put sanctions on the Syrian government and its supporters such as Iran and Russia. In an interview with Portuguese TV network, Syrian President Bashar Assad said he has not much hope for changes in U.S. policies during Trump. At the same time, protests against the structure of U.S. election have reached a new stage. The clash between protesters and U.S. police continued today in two states, and it is said that day after tomorrow, widespread protests will be held in 14 states.