Arson in Kanoon Towhid London

[An IRIB report about fire in Kanoon Towhid in London.]TV Anchor: Arson in Kanoon Towhid London. Kanoon Towhid London, the place for holding sessions of Iranian Islamic students’ association in London, was set on fire. The arsonists have not been identified yet.

Reporter: This is the building of Iranian Islamic students’ association in London which was set on fire on Monday noon.

–This is the main hall of the association, where our weekly program was held. As you see, unfortunately, the hall is totally damaged. All programs of the association were held in this hall – conferences, roundtables, debates.

–Especially during past year, many incidents had happened to it. Several times, there were breaking and entering. The same attack has happened to other Islamic centers in England.

Reporter: Police and fire department officials from Hammersmith area in London are investigating the incident. After the initial investigation, they believe:

–The cause of this incident is very common because candles that are used in religious ceremonies and festivals are left, creating fire.

-No, it cannot be the candles. Candles that were lighted on Saturday was for Yalda night. The day after on Sunday, they had a program and we’re here until Sunday midnight. If there had been any candles, they would have seen it. They were here for 9 or 10 hours. It cannot be the candles at all.

Reporter: The similar fire took place a few days ago in Liverpool. Islamic students’ association was attacked in Liverpool by racists and burned.

Esmaeel Falah, IRIB, London