‘The US is breaking international law,’ an Iranian perspective!


A senior Iranian cleric, the head of the regime’s judicial system has claimed that the USA persecutes Iran’s regime and violates international law.

Speaking on the same day that it was revealed that the Iranian regime had executed 101 prisoners, including two women in July 2017 alone, Sadeq Ashedir Larijani, more commonly known as Amoli Larijani, said: “You Americans have kept our innocent citizens in your scary prisons. These actions of yours are against the law, are contrary to international norms, and are against international law.  You have seized our public property and under false pretexts have linked us to [criminal activities], I don’t know; for example, when Lebanon was attacked they linked this to the Islamic Republic, then they froze the Islamic Republic’s assets, this means it was an outright theft.  Americans always feel like bullying others and they want to oppress people, including the Islamic Republic, through using these methods.  Here we tell them immediately to release the Iranian citizens held captive in American prisons.”