Mullahs’ hypocrisy became sarcasm

In this recent video made by young anti-regime activists at the Farsi-language ‘PC Popcorn’ channel, an Iranian voiceover says: “Did you know that the Mullahs [senior clergymen in Iran] have exempted themselves from the ‘sacred duty’ of military service?

Did you know that while the Mullahs become Judges very easily and are hired in offices and work at the Ministry of Guidance and Customs and so on, there is no cleric working as a laborer in factories? They mostly work in management in the oil companies, the Foreign Ministry, the Ministry of Justice, and the Interior Ministry because there’s massive money in it.

Did you know that although the Mullahs’ primary job is teaching [religious education], since there’s not much money in the Ministry of Education, they have no presence there and don’t choose that job?

Did you know that the people of this country, to pursue their education, must pay money for it, while the Mullahs receive salaries for their education?

Did you ever see a Mullah treat and heal his son or himself by chaining himself to the shrine tomb of the descendants of the imams and Imam Reza [as they instruct the public to do]?

Have you ever seen a mullah cooked food as a charitable act paid for from his own pocket and distribute it among the people?

Have you ever seen a court hold a public trial for a mullah?

Why do we have unemployed doctors when we don’t have unemployed Mullahs? Let’s all go together and become Mullahs

This [Iran] is the place where Mullahs sell the idea of entering Paradise while they ride in bulletproof cars and go to the world’s best hospitals for treatment to postpone their own entry into Paradise and send the simple-hearted people seeking treatment to the Imams’ shrines?”

It should be noted that the Mullahs typically advise the poor suffering from chronic diseases and illnesses who can’t afford medical treatment to chain themselves to the imams’ shrines as a way of curing themselves; meanwhile, the Mullahs are infamous for seeking the most expensive private medical treatment for themselves and their own families.