US-Iranian close war!

The voiceover on this Farsi-language anti-regime Iranian media channel, PC Popcorn, says: “The New York Times has stated that increasing tensions between Iran and the United States could lead to a war with Iran. An editorial in the American newspaper, in addition to emphasizing the need to avoid war with Iran, said that starting a war in the Middle East is the last thing the United States needs, but nonetheless the provocative words, threats and direct actions by Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America and his senior advisors, as well as some Arab leaders and some American activists, might well lead to heightened tensions that could ultimately end with armed war with Iran.  Trump, instead of taking advantage of the diplomatic progress in terms of relations with Iran to exploit it, wants to provoke Iran into breaking promises in the implementation of the nuclear deal or to break its own covenant in implementing this agreement so as to cancel the deal as America canceled the Paris climate agreement. If Trump takes this step in the opposite direction to the moderate forces in Iran, he will have committed a serious mistake and would have led America closer to war.”