Another controversial remark, just an internal dispute!

[Mehdi Khazali, the staunch critic of Iranian government and establishment, says Head of Judiciary System is after arresting him.]

Mehdi Khazali says: Hello, and good evening to my dear friends. Sadegh Larijani is after making some arrests, and as usual, we will be sacrificed in both bad time and a good time. In all elections, if they want to make some arrests, Mehdi Khazali will be certainly a fixture in arrests. Or if the leader [Khamenei] wants to go to the city of Qom, before the trip Mehdi Khazali must go to solitary confinement until the trip is over.

Mehdi Khazali asserts:  Anyway, today Sadegh Larijani is after settling accounts with what he calls “deviant groups”. They want to arrest Mehdi Khazali so that he would start a hunger strike, and they can kill him to overshadow other arrests.

Mehdi Khazali concludes: Unfortunately, we have become aware of their evil plan. I have been informed about it. For the time being, we don’t intend to go them, because of elders’ recommendation. I hope that with your prayer, they will come to their senses. If they were reasonable, they wouldn’t play with judiciary system and dishonor themselves. Unfortunately, it is evident that Sadegh Larijani has become “fire at will”, and is doing any damn thing that he wants to. Pray that this evil would go back to himself. God willing.