IRGC or Suleimani, just choose!

[In this footage, Hassan Rouhani is praising Qassem Suleimani and IRGC.]

Hassan Rouhani talks about Qassem Suleimani: One other honor of this province, which is an honor of the country as well, is dear General Qassem Suleimani. My acquaintance and friendship with Brigadier-General Suleimani goes back to the imposed war [Iran-Iraq war]. At that time, Tharallah was just a battalion and was just a brigade. It eventually became 41 Tharallah Division, one of our powerful divisions in the holy war during the 8-year war against the invaders. And today it is one of our powerful divisions of the country and has been in charge of the security of eastern part of the country. Today, if we look at eastern part of Iran, and if we look at not just Iran, but at Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, we can see traces of bravery of General Suleimani.

Hassan Rouhani praises IRGC: Since the beginning of the revolution up to now, whenever there were difficulties, hardships, and problems of the country, IRGC has always been the pioneering force in solving the problems. In those early years of the revolution that we had a lot of difficulties and hardships against groups and conspiracies of big powers, the great force that guarded and protected the country was IRGC. At the time when an unjust and undeserved war was imposed on us, again it was IRGC as a powerful force, along with the huge force of Basij, that defended the borders of this country.

Hassan Rouhani continues: Wherever we had a problem, IRGC was a forerunner for solving that problem. And today IRGC not only carries the burden of the country’s security, along with the army, law enforcement forces and Basij, it also carries the responsibility of security of other countries which ask for our help. IRGC is present in those battlefields bravely for defending holy shrines, our holy shrines in Iraq and Syria, and for defending the oppressed people in Lebanon, Palestine, Afghanistan and other places which have asked for help from our people and the Iranian government. We wish for more glories for brave IRGC, and also heroic Basij, in all stages of jihad, resistance and endurance.