Iranian warships in Baku

 [An IRIB report of Russian naval competition held in Baku, Azerbaijan.]

 The reporter says: Joshan and Paykan missile boats of the Navy of Iran’ Army berthed in Baku Port. These two missile boats, which berthed in Baku Port for taking part in 2017 Russia’s international competition, were welcomed by Republic of Azerbaijan’s Navy officials.

–Caspian Sea Cup takes place in 6 categories. 3 categories of shooting in sea – air shooting, surface shooting, and shooting small targets. One category is controlling with a buoy, and two categories of coastal exercises. Relief and damage control will be done as coastal exercises with the participation of 4 countries of Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, and Iran and with vessels that are located here.

The reporter continues: Azerbaijan will host a part of competitions of world’s armies, which will be held in the Caspian Sea for two weeks, starting from August 1.

–It is for the first time that the Republic of Azerbaijan is hosting a part of military competitions, which will be held for 2 weeks. A part of the completion will be held in the Caspian Sea and another part in the coast.

The reporter further explains: During these competitions, cultural and tourism programs will be held with the presence of naval forces of 4 countries of Russia, Republic of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Iranian Republic.

Reporter concludes: These competitions aim at consolidating friendly relationship and establishing enduring peace and security in the region.

Mehrab Moradverdi – IRIB news agency, Baku