‘We will abduct 1,000 Americans and demand millions in ransom money’


A senior Iranian regime official and former IRGC commander has threatened that Iran will abduct 1,000 Americans in retaliation for any military attack,  and will only release them in return for the payment of a ransom of millions of dollars.

Speaking in an interview broadcast on Iran’s state IRIB 2 channel, Major-General Mohsen Rezaie said: “I’d like to point out in addition to the words of the professor [an analyst appearing as a guest on the phone-in show] that although I have a deep respect for him, he said that the Americans have reached the conclusion that negotiation is the best way [regarding the nuclear deal]. But I want to tell him and all American officials that this doesn’t mean that negotiation is better, but that negotiation is their only way.  I mean, you appreciate the smiles shown by Rouhani [Iran’s President], the smiles shown by Javad Zarif [Iran’s Foreign Minister]; once upon a time about 13 years ago, Rouhani and Javad Zarif gave you smiles, but you turned your back and in turn you received a slap of thirty thousand centrifuges and twenty percent uranium enrichment, now we are recommending that you accept receipt of Rouhani’s smile in order not to receive a slap of thirty thousand more centrifuges.  

We are sincere in talking to you, despite you showing so much hostility to us.  We are serious, so welcome us and take these smiles seriously; don’t play games and don’t waste the Iranian nation’s time. Also, don’t take your time and leave the negotiations and go forward as fast as possible and find faults to hinder it.  

Another issue is that Americans should know that they cannot take any military action against Iran. I promise you and I give my word to the Iranian nation as a soldier and as a guard of the Islamic Revolution, that if America gives a dirty look to Iran and considers a military invasion of Iran, then you should be sure that in the first week we will capture one thousand Americans and after that to release each of them they [the USA] must pay a couple of million dollars.   Such a case might help to resolve many of our economic problems, but we’re recommending them to start thinking about this and get the idea out of their mind; they should be reassured that intensifying the sanctions won’t be helpful as we will take our time in responding to any increase in the sanctions and will react in a way that fulfils our interests in regard to what we should do.  But again you should know that increasing the sanctions will have no result; thus the only way is to allow the negotiations to be done sensibly and let’s have them displayed with a nice face.”