Journalists are undercover Intelligence agents


[Ali Fallahian, former minister of intelligence, is talking about intelligence operation. Fallahian is accused of many crimes both inside and outside Iran, such as bombing of AMIA in Argentina, Mykonos restaurant assassination in Germany, and chain murders of 4 dissident Iranian intellectuals in Iran.]

 Ali Fallahian: Intelligence Ministry is the same all over the world. Intelligence Ministry needs cover for gathering intelligence, both in and out of the country. It means that we will not send an intelligence officer, for example, to Germany or Russia or America to go to them and say, ‘I am from intelligence agent. Please give me intelligence information. Under the cover of business, or mostly journalism – just like your job. Most of the journalists are agents of intelligence ministry.

–We are not!

Ali Fallahian: Journalists don’t make a lot of money. So they should [work for intelligence] service. I am just kidding.

–The honor of the pen is more than these things.

Ali Fallahian: I agree. But anyway, this needs cover. Intelligence work requires honor, and is not dishonorable when someone wants to work for his country.

–That is right. I hope I haven’t insulted you. It is certainly a sacred job!