In 25 years!

[Video clip putting together Khamenei’s words that against Israel, claiming that this country “won’t exist in 25 years”.]

   KHAMENEI: The sorrowful story of Palestine and unbearable sorrow of the oppression of this patient, enduring and resisting people really hurts any freedom-seeking, truth-seeking, and justice-seeking human beings. But this too is another unclean page in the history, which, like other tainted pages, will be closed by God’s grace and help, because He said [in Quran], “Indeed, falsehood is bound to perish.” And He said, “My righteous servants shall inherit the earth.”

EULOGIST: My leader, Seyyed Khorasani, shouted at his weak enemies that after 25 years, there will be no place called Israel.

KHAMENEI: By God’s grace, you will see that this ‘intifada’ will be a significant step in the history of fights, and will impose another defeat on the occupying regime.

KHAMENEI: God willing and by God’s grace, in 25 years, there will be nothing called Zionist regime in the region. By God’s grace.