IRGC missile attack against ISIS shows national authority

[Iranian official talks about the significance of IRGC missile operation against ISIS.]

 SOLTANIFAR (SPORTS AND YOUTH MINISTER): This attack, as a symbol of our national authority, shows that Iran powerfully maintains the security in the region and fights terrorism. And it sent a strong message to the countries of the region that with convergence among ourselves, we can provide the security of the region without the presence of the foreigners. And today Fortunately, the Islamic Republic of Iran, at the top of its authority and power, can fight terrorists’ measures in all possible forms, and rub their noses in the dirt. The Islamic Republic as the safest country of the region will guard the security of the region for all countries. And I believe that this is a small part of our capability to show them all that we can preserve the achievements of the regime and the revolution by relying on ourselves.