IRGC underground missile town

[A report about IRGC’s response to Rouhani’s criticism with unveiling more missile projects.]

 TV ANCHOR says The third “underground missile town”, another achievement of Iran Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). In commemoration ceremony for Dezful’s Resistance and Endurance Day, Commander of IRGC Aerospace announced the establishment of the third industrial factory for producing IRGC surface-to-surface missiles. Brigadier-General Hajizadeh also said that in memory of resistance of a city whose name was associated with missiles during the holy defense era [Iran-Iraq war], the first surface-to-surface ballistic missile to be unveiled will be named “Dezful”.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL HAJIZADEH asserts: The first surface-to-surface ballistic missile that we will unveil will be named Dezful. This is completely designed and built from the scratch by Iranians and by Iranian youths and scientists and has become a powerful instrument. And today we can produce this powerful instrument that is making our enemies frustrated. Today our enemies say that producing and developing missiles must be stopped. And God willing, we will enrich your holy defense stance with missile equipment.

TV ANCHOR continues: Commander of IRGC Aerospace added that today we have become a missile power, and we are among the top-ranking countries in the world in producing unmanned aircraft, radars, electronic wars, air defense, and air force, and we have reached self-sufficiency in this regard. But the celebration of the endurance of the strong garrison of resistance, Dezful, was also held in Tehran last night. In this ceremony, Defense Minister emphasized that today we have reached a point that we can produce all our missile requirements ourselves.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL DEHGHAN comments on significance of missile projects: By God’s grace, today with endless efforts of this nation’s children, we have reached a point in defense industry that we can design and build all our missile requirements in surface-to-surface ballistic missiles with different ranges, with all destructive capabilities, and with precision in hitting the target in different ranges. As for our coast-to-sea missiles – cruise missiles that are used against vessels – today we have them in our possession with 300 km range. It means that we can strike any target in the depth of Indian Ocean. Today we have a far-reaching hand and can strike our desired targets in distant places and horizons.

TV ANCHOR adds: General Dehghan added that ‘during the war, we learned that if we smile, it won’t pave the path. And accepting dominance is equal to negating the national identity. And if we want to stay powerful, we must have ‘jihadi’ morale.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL DEHGHAN urges: We must learn that the key to success is resistance. The key to success is endurance. Resistance means acting despite the enemy’s demand. Whatever he wants, do otherwise. They are after establishing a relationship with us so that they can devour us. Our nation has reached a level of power and authority that others are yielding to us. If we want to say, we must be powerful.