IRGC Details on Deir ez-Zor missile attack

[IRGC spokesperson is interviewed about the details of IRGC missile operations against ISIL forces in Syria.]

TV ANCHOR reads from IRGC statement: In its statement, Iran Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) warned the “Takfiri terrorists and their regional and trans-regional supporters that if these evil actions against Iranian nation are repeated, the revolutionary wrath and the fire of revenge of IRGC will wreak havoc on those responsible for it, and will send the criminals to hell”. I am talking to Brigadier-General Ramazan Sharif, the spokesperson of IRGC. Greetings to you, sir. Good morning to you. Tell our viewers about IRGC missile operation against the terrorists, the decision to carry out this anti-terrorist operation at this time and targeting Deir ez-Zor.

IRGC SPOKESPERSON says: I also say hello to you and your dear viewers. For your information, after blind terrorist operation that was carried out by terrorist groups on June 7 in the Islamic Parliament and Imam [Khomeini’s] mausoleum, that very same day, Commander of IRGC, and also in IRGC official statement, made a promise to our dear people that we will severely take vengeance on those who planned and led this blind terrorist operation. During the time between that date and last night [when IRGC operation took place], we had a good opportunity for gathering comprehensive intelligence about the main headquarters that ran and commanded that blind terrorist operation.

IRGC SPOKESPERSON talks about gathering intelligence: After completing our intelligence and making sure about the terrorists’ location and headquarters and their equipment in Syrian Deir ez-Zor –from which, we believe, those terrorist operations were led and commanded – it was decided to target the main headquarters of terrorists in Deir ez-Zor in Syria last night in a limited, but powerful missile operation, with 6 mid-range missiles with a range of approximately 650 to 700 km. Fortunately, this operation was successful in this blissful month [of Ramazan]. With blessings from our dear people’s prayers, we hope that children of the Iranian nation in IRGC can provide security very well for our dear people. Our reports show that it has had a significant impact and its goal was achieved.

TV ANCHOR asks about Syrians’ reaction to IRGC missile operation: General, what was the reaction of Syrians to IRGC’s anti-terrorist operation? In the news, we heard that the Syrians welcomed this anti-terrorist operation.

IRGC SPOKESPERSON asserts: To answer your question, let me say that not only Syrians but many of those who have witnessed the violent, horrible actions of terrorists who are located in Syria during past years – and even those who are our unfortunate enemies – must naturally show gratitude for this operation by IRGC. The Syrian officials were informed about this measure, and fortunately, due to its success, it was a severe blow on the terrorists. In my opinion, what is significant is that, God willing, this limited, but the powerful operation could send the powerful message of the holy regime of Islamic Republic while showing the IRGC’s resolve in punishing those who attack our country and those who plan such terrorist operations. And we assure our dear people that in following the intentions of the commander-in-chief [Khamenei], they will be more severely slapped if such measures are repeated.

TV ANCHOR concludes the interview: Thank you, Brigadier-General Ramazan Sharif, spokesperson of IRGC.