Hassan Abbasi: I am proud of terrorism!  


[Hassan Abbasi, IRGC officer and head of its think tank ‘Center for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’, is praising Lebanese Hezbollah and its violent attacks.]

 HASSAN ABBASI criticizes the situation in Iraq: I swear to God that no nation has become wretched with the exception of those that fought with their enemies in their own house. Look at Iraq. Their wives and daughters are in the hands of Americans and 38 countries. Troops of 38 countries have gone to Iraq and taken away their honors, and Iraqi men can’t say a word. No nation has become wretched with the exception of those that fought with their enemy in their own house.

HE lambasts democracy and human rights: How much longer should we feed upon this democracy, human rights, and civil society, and with bone in throats and thorn in eyes, tolerate the massacre of the Muslims that is underway? Wouldn’t they come for us tomorrow? They are openly saying that they will. Operation Freedom. They will come to free Iran. They will come. Their youths are wearing these T-shirts in streets of Las Vegas. In Detroit, in Chicago, in Jacksonville, in Miami, they are wearing them everywhere. And they are proud that their leaders are going to bring reforms to Iran and the region. And their main target is Iran and no other countries.

HASSAN ABBASI praises Hezbollah’s violent actions: Our main weapon is jihad. And they are slowing down our jihad. I am proud that that terrorist outside the country – i.e. Hezbollah in Lebanon – is trained by us. I am proud of that. Who cares if this is considered as violence by Mr. Khatami and as terrorist by foreign countries? If someone can make the kufr’s front and God’s enemies shake with terror, we will be proud of it. We are proud of this terrorism – of terrorism that can make the foundations of kufr shake. This is God’s wrath which