IRGC will leave no safe place

In this speech following the recent terror attacks in Tehran, the commander of the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) threatens to attack regional states, which he blames for the terror incident, warning that the IRGC will “destroy [the rulers’] palaces over their heads.”

In the interview, broadcast on Iranian state TV news after ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, the IRGC head, Major-General Mohammad Ali Jafari, says: “Here and now I want to give his message to all those who are engaged in this political frame-up and security conspiracy against the country.

I’d like to tell them that the fate of all those who seek to fabricate plots and conspiracies against the security of Iran will be the same as the fate of those terrorists who were killed; this is only a small-scale model and example of our treatment regarding national security.

If there are regimes and officials and networks anywhere, as we know there are, who want to repeat such actions or even to think about it, then they should be assured that we will destroy their glassy palaces over their heads.  Our reaction is very fearsome and destructive; we will tolerate no offense by anyone in terms of our national security; we will retaliate against both those perpetrators and their sponsors, and we will prove that.

And here I want to give this message to all the extraordinarily powerful whose hands are open. Our options are very diverse; if we don’t take many actions, that doesn’t mean that we couldn’t do so, but that based on a number of considerations we don’t want to expand the conflicts. Our intention is that we wish to prevent any expansion of conflicts as far as is possible.

But if someone wants to tarnish our country’s national security, then we will leave no safe place for them. This is our real message; the world has seen the words and actions of the IRGC, the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps; our action speaks for itself, and our words and actions are one.  We are people of action, so they should be watchful, all those who seek to take action to undermine our national security should ponder the results and consequences of that action. This is my message.”