The Iranian “holy war” will be in Saudi Arabia

[Offensive message of a soldier for Saudis and Saudi’s Foreign Minister.]

 –I said, “wait until the time comes when Iranian missiles are launched in the sky.” And as for my last word, let me say from this platform and in the presence of one of the holy war veterans to Mrs. Adel Al-Jubier, Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia: Know your own limit. We are not a belligerent nation. For 200 years, we have not invaded any places. And the remains of our holy war are right in front of our eyes: a veteran who has lost his hand. Know your own limits. First of all, if you want to mention the name of my country, or the name of my leader, before that you should first perform ablutions, then talk. And second, never wish for that scene to come. Once these fighters went and put the flag of Ali ibn Mossalreza on top of the minaret of Al-Faw’s mosque. But that day is coming when [flag of] Ya Fatemeh Al-Zahra will be on top of the minaret of Prophet’s Mosque.

–[Takbir] God is Great!

–So, some of them were martyred and some of them are waiting. Goodbye.