Compromising is costly

[Khamenei is criticizing those who are talking about compromise with the West – including President Rouhani. Khamenei is asserting that this compromise is more costly than a rational challenge with western powers.]

 KHAMENEI criticizes those who are talking about peace and compromise with the West: Some see rationality in this, and they are wrong. They say that challenging the powers is costly. Well, of course, the challenge has its cost. But compromise, too, has its cost. Well, consider this: To compromise with U.S. new president, the Saudi government had to spend more than half of its financial reserve for to serve the U.S. goals and wishes. Isn’t that cost? Compromise has its own cost.

KHAMENEI defends challenging Western powers calling it less costly: If the challenge is rational, and according to logic and with self-confidence, its cost is far less than the cost of compromise. As I said, God willing, I will talk about this later. Conspiring powers and invasive powers do not contend with a certain limit. They specify a limit at first. (We have witnessed this in recent interactions during past years.) When you retreat to that limit, they come up with something new. They come up with new claims, and with new demands. And then they will force you to give in to that new demand. And this will go on forever, and won’t stop. And a nation cannot….

KHAMENEI talks about what being revolutionary means: Being revolutionary means that the country’s officials should not be after pleasing arrogant powers. The country’s officials must be after pleasing the people, deploying domestic forces and strengthening active agents within the country. This is being revolutionary. Being revolutionary means that the country and the officials should never surrender to coercion.