Iranian Cleric threat to kill US leaders, destroy Israel and Arab nations

In this recent footage of a sermon delivered following a speech by US President Donald Trump,  Ayatollah Ahmad Khatami, a senior Iranian regime cleric, threatens that the regime will kill the US leadership, destroy Israel and destroy Arab nations.

In this sermon, delivered on Friday,   May 26, 2017 by Khatami, a senior member of the regime’s Assembly of Experts, responsible for regime policy and advisor to Ayatollah Khamenei, at the Imam Khomeini Musalla in Tehran, the prominent cleric lambasts and threatens the US and the Arab nations for their opposition to Iran’s regional policies.

Khatami begins by saying, “The first point is about Trump’s anti-Iranian comments [stating] that Iran has ethnic conflicts, that it has perpetrated terrorism, has carried out massacres – well, he uses all the characteristics of America against Iran.  This is the America which committed massacres, this is the America that exports terrorism; what are you saying?!  However, of course, Trump did make two true statements; one of his correct statements was that ‘Iran says that Israel must be destroyed’.  We have said that and we will say it repeatedly; we will say it one thousand times.  This is the basis of our Imam Khomeini, who said ‘Death to Israel.’” 

At this point, the audience chant:  “Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel! Death to Israel!”

Khatami continues: “Secondly, he [Trump] made another correct statement, which was, ‘Iranians say ‘Death to America!’”

The audience again echoes Khatami’s words, chanting, “Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!”

Khatami continues, saying: “Yes, he [Trump] said it correctly; we Iranians say, ‘Death to America!’  This means death to American statesmen and the criminal policy, but not death to the people of America. You have a thick black file as the least punishment for you if you chant ‘Death to Americans’.”

The supporters once again chant: “Death to America! Death to America! Death to America! Death to America!” 

Khatami again continues: “The second point, Trump has launched the ‘Arab NATO’.  In this regard, there are four points:  Firstly, it is not an Arab NATO – many of the Arab nations are opposed to you [the USA]. However, yes your NATO is a coalition of your servants, they are an alliance of henchmen America, so it is not an Arab NATO.

The second [point]; this Arab NATO has been established for 38 years [a reference to the Gulf Cooperation Council or GCC, established in 1981] – for thirty-eight years! What’s it been able to do against Iran and it didn’t do? Who aided Saddam Hussein? You’re the ones who assisted him.  Who produced the conspiracies against Iran?  Such moves are not a new thing for the past 38 years; this NATO has actually existed for 38 years.

The third point in this regard is that you could not practically do anything against Iran. And you appeared roaring and want to terrify us, [but] neither the [Iranian] people nor the regime officials have chickened out.  These people, these officials, by the grace of God, are resistant.  will be one hundred percent to your detriment, so firstly know Iran better; Iran is at its most powerful and mighty, its finger is on the trigger; if you make a mistake, then all your countries will be transformed [be completely destroyed].”