IRGC take over construction of Sabalan Power plant

[A report about IRGC taking over the construction of a power plant. IRGC commanders talk about this organization’s role in different projects all over Iran to realize Khamenei’s idea of “resistance economy”.]

 REPORTER says: The power plant whose 4 gas units with 630 megawatts became operational in 2008, and later 2 more units were added to it.

–Sabalan Combined Cycle Power Plant has 6 gas units. Each unit is 160 megawatts, and altogether, they are 960 megawatts. The process of designing, building, implementing, and making the units operational was done by domestic experts.

REPORTER talks about the Headquarters taking over the project: Steam units were also going to be implemented, but this did not happen until the power plant was handed over to Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters.

–The power plant’s steam division has 3 units with 160 megawatts each. We started the project in 2015, and so far, we have made 35% progress. The initial estimate of the project was $556 million. And God willing, we will add this power plant to the grid in 2018.

REPORTER continues: Khatam al-Anbiya Construction Headquarters have utilized all its advanced technical and engineering abilities to realize the supreme leader’s resolve as to surpassing sanctions and making the country independent through realizing resistance economy.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL SALAMI asserts: Participation in different phases of South Pars, dams, power plants, oil refineries, roads, tunnels, transferring water, agriculture and all such things. This is an important part of civil and industrial development in which IRGC is actively and seriously involved.

REPORTER says: Now with resistance economy, the economic foundations of the country have become stronger for meeting the requirements of the country and confronting the enemies’ economic threats.

BRIGADIER-GENERAL ABDULLAHI asserts: As for employment in this project, there are 550 people working in the unit that is being developed. And about 130 to 140 people working in the unit that is operational. Altogether, 650 people. And there are 50 people supervising the project. It means that approximately 700 people are now working in this complex.

REPORTER concludes: With launching the steam division, the capacity of this power plant will reach 1,500 megawatts—the power plant that has been built with relying on domestic capabilities and with Iranian youths’ efforts. And this is the manifestation of resistance economy.