Iran Defense Minister stresses missile capability


[Iran’s defense minister Brigadier-General Hossein Dehghan is talking about Iran’s missile capability while emphasizing that the key to success for Iran is to stay strong militarily.]

 BRIGADIER-GENERAL HOSSEIN DEHGHAN talks about Iran’s missile capabilities: Today, by God’s grace and with sustained efforts of this nation’s children in military industry, we have reached a point that we can design and produce all our missile requirements in the field of ballistic missiles and surface to surface missiles, with different ranges and with all destructive capacity and with high accuracy. Today we have coast-to-sea missiles that are anti-vessels with 300-kilometer range. It means that we can strike any target deep in the Indian Ocean. Today we are capable of striking our intended targets in very distant places.

REPORTER quotes Dehghan as stressing “jihadi morale”: Brigadier-General Dehghan added, “In war, we learned that we cannot pave the way with smiling, and accepting dominance is equal to negating our national identity. And if we want to stay strong, we have to have ‘jihadi morale’.”

BRIGADIER-GENERAL HOSSEIN DEHGHAN focuses on resistance as key to success: We learned that the key to success is resistance, the key to success is endurance. And resistance means taking action despite the enemies’ demands. Whatever he wants, we should the opposite. They are after establishing a relationship with us to devour us. Our nation has reached a point where others surrender to it. If we want to stay in power, we have to be powerful.