Khamenei’s endless “enemies”!

In a speech delivered on Saturday to mark the first day of Ramadan, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei accused the Saudi leadership of trading the country’s wealth with “pagans and enemies”, a reference to the USA and Israel.

According to Fars News, the news agency affiliated to the regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Khamenei said, “The stupid Saudi leaders think they can attract the friendship of enemies by giving them money.  In the Islamic world there are a series of worthless, futile and inferior [leaders] who hold the fate of Islamic societies in their hands, like those nations such as the Saudis’, who purportedly believe in the Quran. Sometimes they print millions of copies of the Quran and distribute it for free here and there, but they do not believe in the content of the Quran.

The Quran says, be forceful against the disbelievers and be merciful among yourselves, but they [Saudis] are forceful against the believers and are merciful with the disbelievers, and they give from the possessions of their nation because they don’t have any possessions of their own.

Who’s this legendary wealth for?  It’s not a hereditary inheritance, so this is the money of oil, the money mined from under the ground; this money is from the nation’s wealth, this money of the nation they are granting it to disbelievers and the enemies of the people.

These idiots think that by giving money and helping and doing these things and by acting cordially, they will attract the friendship of enemies, though there is no cordiality.

As they [the USA] said that they [Saudis] are like a lactating cow being milked and when they no longer have milk then they [the USA] will slaughter them, and they will do this with them [Saudis] and do it with Yemen too, and do it to the people of Bahrain with irreligious behaviour. However, they are mortal, and ‘Surely falsehood is ever bound to vanish’ [Quranic quote].  So they are void and will certainly be affected by decline and a miserable fall.

There is no doubt about this. However it might occur four years earlier or later, and this is based upon how Muslim society acts; if they act correctly, it will occur earlier.”