“Enemies provoke ethnic issues”


[Iran’s supreme leader is talking to the militaries about the significance of security in the country while asking the recent presidential candidates not to provoke ethnic differences. He also focuses on importance of military power.]

KHAMENEI talks about the significance of security: They should know that the security is very important for this country. People do care about security. And following people, I, too, do care about security in the country. In the election, security must be preserved completely. Whoever trespasses from this must certainly know that he will be slapped in the face. In a region full of tensions and unrests—or rather in a world full of tensions and unrests—we have been able to create a safe environment for our own country. This was created by the people, and this was done by our sympathetic authorities. This is the outcome of being aware, alert and up-to-date. They want to take this away from the great nation of Iran.

KHAMENEI talks about “enemy” focusing on ethnic groups in Iran: One of enemies’ most significant goals—or perhaps their most important goal in the short run—is to take away the security from the country, trying to provoke differences in conviction and geographical, linguistic, or ethnic issues. They should be careful. Our enemies have been working on these differences for years. Enemies of the Islamic Republic worked on Kurdistan. But our pious Kurds slapped them in the face. They worked on and invested in zealous Azeri people. But zealous people of Azerbaijan rose like the owners of revolution, stood up to them, and destroyed them. They did the same with Arab people in Khuzestan, with people in Baluchistan, with Turkmen people. They invest by paying and hiring the mercenaries. They plan for provoking these differences. But Iranian ethnic groups are all resisting them powerfully, intimately, loyally and faithfully.

KHAMENEI asks presidential candidates not to talk of ethnic issues: Presidential candidates must be careful that, due to error in judgement, they do not do the job that enemies couldn’t do and couldn’t advance. They shouldn’t promote these issues to the advantage of enemies and provoke these differences.

KHAMENEI on the significance of military power: Military power brings authority. As you see, they create a lot of controversy in the world about the missile issues, saying that Iran has missiles which are accurate. Yes, we have missiles that are very accurate. Our missiles can strike a target from thousands of kilometers away with accuracy. We powerfully obtained this, we will powerfully preserve this, and we will powerfully increase this. God willing.

–God is great.