Iranian regime thugs, robbers and thieves

This heartbreaking video footage shows a young man devastated after Iranian regime security forces beat and abused him and his fellow vendor and seized the pitiful small quantity of fruit and vegetables, which they were selling at the roadside in order to survive for no other reason but to further degrade and humiliate them and remind them of their powerlessness.

The young man, driven to despair by the regime’s needless cruelty, weeps as he screams, “The municipality officers don’t allow me to peddle here or move my fruit elsewhere, so instead I’ll have to take up robbery and theft; they took my money, they took my possessions, my fruit.   Why do they do this to us? O people, am I stealing? Am I stealing anything?”

As locals gather to commiserate with the anguished young man and his partner, he continues: “They even took my phone!” As another local resident films him on his mobile phone, the young man pleads with him, saying, “Sir, are you filming this? Please film my fellow vendor; they [the regime guards] hit and injured him.”