Bushehr police celebrates with people in its own way


[Bushehr people were prevented from celebrating the election result in the worst possible way. After presidential election was over and Hassan Rouhani was announced as the winner, Bushehr people—like people in other large and small cities of Iran— took to streets to celebrate the occasion. Bushehr police forces used tear gas to disperse people and stop their celebration, disregarding the fact that the elderlies and children were present at the scene. After Hassan Rouhani’s victory in 12th presidential election was announced, many of his supporters took to streets in many cities of Iran to celebrate this victory, while some were singing and dancing. Some people in Tehran chanted slogans in support of Mir-Hossein Mousavi, the leader of Green Movement, who is under house arrest. During the past 4 years, there were two massive streets celebrations due to political incidents: after Hassan Rouhani’s victory in presidential election in 2013, and after signing the nuclear deal called JCPOA. Iranian people have taken advantage of any opportunities to come to streets for celebrating different occasions, which is their public way of protesting against the establishment].