Poison meals for university students in Yazd


[A report by IRIB News Agency about food poisoning of many students in Yazd University, in which sick students and related officials are interviewed.]

 REPORTER: Food poisoning of more than 400 students in Yazd’s university. Last night many students in Yazd’s university had food poisoning after eating dinner—a food poisoning that was reported in the news today morning.

–When I woke up 4 am, I had a severe stomachache. I was in a lot of pain until 6 am.

–I went to the bathroom and saw that everybody was vomiting and had nausea.

–Nausea, severe stomachache, headache, fever, and shivering.

–There was a soft drink beside the food. Apparently, it was cantaloupe juice. It seems that that has caused the problem. Since 3 am, students are being sent to hospitals until now that you can see us here.

REPORTER: Has this ever happened before?

–No this was the first time. But food quality is very low. Since the beginning of the semester, we have said it many times. But unfortunately, no one pays attention.

–Something must go wrong first so that the officials would then start thinking about finding a solution. And before that, no one even cares about these problems.

UNIVERSITY OFFICIAL: As for the food, we have outsourced it to the private sector, due to the change the Student Affairs Organization created in Students’ Prosperity Fund. Usually, the contractor provides the food and we supervise the process. Naturally, if the contractor has failed in this regard, I am sure that our supervisors will announce it, and we will deal with the issue decisively.

REPORTER: Due to this food poisoning, all first responders in the province of Yazd were mobilized to deal with students’ physical conditions.

–Immediately, the team of crisis management was formed, the center became active, and various university deputies became present and all hospitals announced their readiness to admits the patients. Hospitals’ emergency rooms, as well as all private emergency rooms and ambulances, were all active.

REPORTER: About statistics, you said that 251 people were hospitalized, and 200 people were treated as outpatients. Altogether, about 450 people had food poisoning.

–That’s right.

REPORTER: According to vice president of Shahid Sadooghi’s Medical Science University, most of the students were outpatients, and the hospitalized students are in good condition.

REPORTER: After food poisoning of students in Shiraz University a few days ago, this time it is the Yazd University’s students who face the food poisoning.

Ali Amini, IRIB News Agency