Homs free of terrorists!


[IRIB news agency’s report about evacuation of Homs.]

REPORTER talks of warning against the U.S.: Spokesperson of Imam Ali Battalions affiliated with Iraq’s Popular Mobilization forces emphasized that recent attack of U.S. trespassing fighter jets against a military convoy in a desert area in southern Syria will not go without response.

MILITARY warns the U.S.: Imam Ali Battalions and Syrian Army will continue their operations until clearing all common border regions from Takfiris and ISIL forces. We warn the U.S. and its allies that they will face a massive response from Islamic Resistance fighters, and they have no choice but evacuating border regions and handing them over to Syrian Army.

REPORTER focuses on the evacuation of Homs: Meanwhile, as a part of the last stage of evacuating the city of Homs from armed terrorists who refrained from joining the government’s National Peace Plan, a group of 1500 people including armed terrorists and their families were transferred towards the city of Idlib and Tripoli in northern Syria.

–Today, the city of Homs will be free of armed terrorists and people can today go back to their houses.

REPORTER says: The Syrian government announced that after all armed terrorists evacuate the city, service organizations will immediately go to Al-Waer neighborhood, and will start repairing and reconstructing the ruins left behind from terrorists.

REPORTER concludes: The city of Homs which was once known as the center of armed terrorist groups will become the operative headquarter for Syrian Army and allied front so that they can have operations against the terrorists in Syria’s northern and eastern axis—meaning in Hama and Deir Ezzor.