In a meeting with “death delegation”

[Ayatollah Montazeri, in his meeting with the “death delegation that was in charge of 1998 massacre, calls the massacre the biggest crime in the Islamic Republic. Death delegation included the fundamentalist presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi.]

 MONTAZERI condemns the execution: In my opinion, the biggest crime in the Islamic Republic for which we will be condemned in the history is committed by you. In future, you will go down the history as criminals. Now, if you find it appropriate, stop them [executions]. It is Imam Hossein’s month of Moharram. And out of respect for Imam Hossein, that is enough.

HOSSEIN ALI NAYERI explains why they were in hurry to execute more people: We used to stop the court during Moharram. So, we asked them to send us whatever they have, before the month of Moharram arrives.

MONTAZERI comments: So you can kill them all before Moharram starts!

HOSSEIN ALI NAYERI asks permission to execute more people: That’s it! Yes. As for the month of Moharram, if you allow us, sir, we have taken out a number of [prisoners] from their cells for this confrontation. We have confronted them once but they didn’t say anything. Now they are in solitary confinements. If we don’t express our views and they go back to the public ward [in prison], that will create some problems. If you allow us…

MONTAZERI disagrees: I won’t allow it at all.

HOSSEIN ALI NAYERI says: There are about 200 people.

MONTAZERI strongly disagrees with the 1988 executions: I am against even one [execution]. You will go down the history as criminals.