Iranian media hushed on massive economic corruption

A TV reporter was talking to Iranian citizens about the corruption that is plaguing the country and asked a lady is it right that there were any cases of economic corruption in Iran and what her ideas were about it?

The lady replied “Everyone knows that corruption is rife throughout the country.  There are 80 million of us in Iran and we all know about the government corruption. But nobody is going to take action against it because they are all involved in the corruption.  For example, I can name the people who are involved in corruption, such as the Minister of Labor, but you media people are not allowing us to speak out to expose them. It is impossible to make the information public as you do not dare to cover it.

When our Minister of Oil and Minister of Industry is like this and like that, for example, they are very elderly even they could not speak. So what will we say about it

We at least need the media to launch programs that criticize and expose and shed light on such cases in the government, but on the other hand, if the government has an ear to listen to it.

Tonight the Mr. President shows up here and two reporters jump up in front of him and say “Ha ha ha President” [she means that they keep flattering him rather than having the courage to challenge him]. “So is this a program?  The name of one of these reporters was Haidari, but the second one I do not know.”

The reporter responded to the lady, saying “If they beat and arrest the reporters, how can they criticize such things?”

The lady was having none of this. “No, no, what are you saying?” she retorted. “The reporters could ask the questions and speak the words of the people and present their problems and not just come and laugh and say hahaha. They showed that they do not have any courage to speak. I do not know what they had told him as this Haydari did not even dare to ask his questions and the other female reporter who was sitting in the program hosting the president could not say anything just laughing repeating  “”Mr. President, Mr. President hahaha.”. Is this the way to report, is this the way for the media to cover an event. When you reporters are meeting with Presidents please convey the criticisms of the people. These poor reporters are so intimidated that they could not say a thing.”

The reporter said to the lady “You are around people now and expressing your criticism.”  The lady replied “Well I said what I know about all the massive money and embezzlement cases carried out by government officials. Everybody knows about these corruption cases and the regime officials also know all about all of it, but they do not want to address it, they do not want to take any action against it.