Rouhani criticizes the Revolutionary Guards

[In one of the presidential debates, Hassan Rouhani first attacks principlist candidate Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, then criticizes IRGC for attempting to disrupt the nuclear deal.]

 HASSAN ROUHANI criticizes Ghalibaf for dividing the society to 96% (the poor) vs. 4% (the rich): Let’s not imitate others inexpertly. There was a movement in a country called “99%”. Now that it is the year 96 in Iran, we call it 96%! Do not do such things. Dividing the society will destroy the security in the society. Wherever we were successful, it was when we were united. And we were standing by each other.

HASSAN ROUHANI criticizes IRGC for attempting to disrupt JCPOA by missile testing and showing Iran’s missile arsenal: Wherever we were united, we could use JCPOA. When they wanted to disrupt JCPOA, we saw what they did. They showed underground cities to disrupt JCPOA. They wrote slogans on missiles to disrupt JCPOA so that we wouldn’t be able to use JCPOA completely. Our people could overcome all these issues because, from the very first day, the overwhelming majority of the society had opted for ethics and Islam. And today they are following the same path.