Participation in election

[A citizen journalist is reporting on how people are interviewed before the presidential election. Passersby are given a piece of paper on which the answers to the questions are written.]

–Here is Toopkhaneh Square [in Tehran]. Some of IRIB’s correspondents are preparing a report. Interestingly, whoever passes, they give him a text to read from. I got off the car to see what is this paper that they give to people [to read from in front of camera] …. I pretended that I am one of those who would like to be interviewed. Then I saw that it is written on the paper that “we will take part in the election.” And such other religious and revolutionary questions. Well, I don’t remember exactly all of it. But it was written that “Following the supreme leader’s orders, we should take part in the election, etc.” I don’t know. Perhaps, they were not from IRIB.