Iran’s minister of culture on candidate supported by pop singer

[The reporter asks Reza Salehi Amiri, Iran’s Minister of Culture and Islamic Guidance, about a pop singer supporting the presidential candidate, Ebrahim Raisi.]

 REPORTER asks: Doctor, I have a quick question. Because you are surely following the artists, and monitoring the incidents on the Internet, you must know that in past couple of days, there was an interesting new wave. And a singer announced his support for Mr. Raisi. You must know Mr. Tataloo. What is your analysis of that from the media and artistic viewpoint? Do you think it had a positive impact on him? Could it gain votes for him? Some say it was more of an anti-propaganda. What do you say?

MINISTER OF CULTURE calls it a joke: These are election jokes. It is more like a joke. And hereby I send a message to that candidate that if you needed artists, you should have let me know so that I could send you some. If he had let me know, I would have sent him some. And he wouldn’t have any problems.

Reporter asks again: You would? Are you serious?

MINISTER OF CULTURE says: I am serious.