The White House will be a Husseiniya for Shiites

In this speech delivered in early May, a senior officer of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) and head of its think tank, the ‘Centre for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’,   reiterated the regime’s commitment to the destruction of the Saudi kingdom and the state of Israel, and to making the USA an Islamic Republic and turning the White House into a Shiite prayer hall.   He also warns at the end of the speech that Iranian reformist politicians will be executed in the near future.

In this footage from the speech, delivered to students at an unspecified Iranian university on May 6,  Hassan Abbasi, the head of the IRGC’s ‘Centre for Borderless Security Doctrinal Analysis’ think tank, tells the audience: “Please consider the point that we have declared and repeatedly stated and will repeat it once again here, that we will never give up until we destroy the House of Saud and destroy and dismantle the Zionist Entity [Iranian regime term for Israel] within 25 years, and transform the USA into the Islamic Republic and make a Husseiniya  [meeting hall for Shiite commemoration ceremonies] out of their White House.

Dear brothers, know that those martyrs who were under the command of Qassem Suleimani [head of the IRGC’s Quds Force] are no less than Qassem Suleimani in commanding the path that Suleimani has adopted, and these members of the ‘Executives of Construction of Iran’ party run by reformists are nothing; they are quickly intimidated by any small actions taken against them. This materialistic world is important to them; this reformist party does not even have one martyr! [Abbasi is promoting his own favored fundamentalists, primarily prominent IRGC supporter Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Qassem Suleimani, to promote the regime’s war in Syria, suggesting that reformists are traitors to the country due to their opposition to it].

Thus, please don’t return to criticising Ahmadinejad’s government as he tried to promote the country in many areas and if there were pressures due to sanctions imposed on the country during that era, it was due to the reformists who approached the Western countries calling on them to bring back sanctions and expand the sanctions against Ahmadinejad’s government,   and we have all the evidence required to prove it, as these reformists are the lovers of America. But you young men, please answer this question; why, when Trump became the US president, why did thirty of these reformists send him a letter urging him to attack [Iran] and place sanctions against the regime?

So, were those who sent this letter to Trump from the fundamentalist party or from Basiji forces [extremist volunteer militia] or were these agents affiliated to Sayyed Mostafa Tajzadeh, the main one behind igniting the sedition of the 2009 election.  [Tajzadeh,  an Iranian reformist politician and senior member of the Islamic Iran Participation Front, as well as of the Mojahedin of the Islamic Revolution of Iran Organization, has been imprisoned at the regime’s infamously brutal Evin Prison since 2009].  Also these current reformists such as Shirin Ebadi who has been awarded a Nobel Prize [Iranian lawyer, former judge and human rights activist and founder of the Defenders of Human Rights Centre in Iran] when she goes there to Western countries, telling France and the United States of America  to impose sanctions on Iran, when those   like-minded reformists friends of Mohammad Khatami and many others in this group who three months ago sent a letter to Trump calling on him to attack Iran and then to re- impose the economic sanctions on the regime.

My dears these things I mentioned are the reforms that they [reformists] are talking about!  Even these reformists who are those 300 individuals operating in Voice of America, the BBC Persian channel, the reforms are those of Abdolkarim Soroush, who cast doubts on the Quran and the Prophet and questions the basis of the Islam religion.

Reformist principles are against martyrs and [against] those people who are defending the Shrines, so hey you young guys, don’t sacrifice your lives for the sake of these liberal reformists.

Imam Khomeini said, ‘as long as I am alive I will not allow the country to be into the hands of those liberals’, so we also as long as we are alive, we will not let these liberal rule the country. And pay attention that pleases you do not say that Ahmadinejad is like this while Mohammad Khatami [reformist politician] is like that. Khatami, Karroubi and Mir Hussein Mousavi in the not-too-distant future will be subject to trial and then will be executed.”