Cleric on executing the corrupt on earth

[A cleric is asking for execution of all those who disagree with the Iranian regime.]

CLERIC asserts: Tell the truth. If somebody doesn’t accept the Guardian Council, then he is “the corrupt on earth”. And the sentence for the corrupt on earth is the death penalty. The sentence for rebellion against the regime is the death penalty. If they commit sedition and rebel, the verdict for them is the death penalty. Please do not let this come to your mind that “well, we are happy if they are just tried. And it is not important if they are not executed.”

CLERIC says the death penalty is non-negotiable: Why? Why shouldn’t they be executed? Why shouldn’t God’s verdict be implemented? Why? Based on what sharia ground, should we forget about it? Who are we playing with? “What will the enemy say to us?” Damn the enemy! The enemy is no longer in a position to say anything. “What would those who abroad say?” Those who are abroad cannot even take care of themselves!