Ghalibaf’s role in ransacking Saudi’s embassy in Tehran

[VOA Persian program, Last Page, focuses on Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf, Tehran mayor, and his role in ransacking Saudi embassy, and his role in Shia-Sunni conflict in the region.]

 FALAHATI says: Ghalibaf has many thugs and hooligans in his control. His main thug in the issue [ransacking Saudi’s embassy] I am talking about is the thug mullah called Hassan Kurd-Mihan. He was the head of hooligans who ransacked Saudi’s embassy in January 2016. (Let me briefly read you the introduction.)

FALAHATI gives the background to attack against Saudi’s embassy in Tehran: Saudi government executed one of the Islamic Republic’s people called Sheikh Nimr in Saudi. Then there were demonstrations against Saudi Arabia in Mashhad and Tehran. Then they set fire to the Saudi’s embassy and stole its documents.

FALAHATI connects the attack to Ghalibaf: Well, they did some “jihadi work”. And this was one of Ghalibaf’s “jihadi managerial works”. Who was behind the whole thing? Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf. How? Ghalibaf has somebody who gets all these hooligans and vultures together (shortly I am going to explain).

FALAHATI talks about one of Ghalibaf’s thugs: Hassan Kurd-Mihan was in charge of his campaign headquarters in Karaj in 2013. He sings dirges for Karbala, he does Judo, he has a gym, he recruits people for deploying to Syria and Lebanon, and, to put it in a nutshell, he helps Ghalibaf in those issues related to Shia and Sunni conflicts and in his cooperation with Brigadier-General Qassim Suleimani and Quds Force. How did Hassan Kurd-Mihan come from?

FALAHATI talks about how the relationship between Ghalibaf and Kurd-Mihan was shaped: Well, in 2013, when he was in charge of Ghalibaf’s campaign headquarters, Ghalibaf built Bagher-ol Ulum Seminary– next to Quds Mosque in Bukharai Street, right across South Bus Terminal.He equipped it and gave it to Kurd-Mihan. Municipality officials in Tehran’s Zone 16 were obliged to coordinate with the centers associated with Kurd-Mihan. For examples, he supervises several centers, such as Seyyedeh Zaynab, Behesht Institute, etc. Do you know what these so-called institutes do? They get together the neighborhoods’ youths to create social bases for Ghalibaf. Well, to give you an example, only in one night, they paid for 110,000 votive foods from municipality budget and distributed the foods in Velayat Park in Tehran. Well, the very same people who are under Hassan Kurd-Mihan. The other important thing that I talked about before is recruiting the youths from these places and deploying them to Syria. Ghalibaf gave the Besat Park’s building to Kurd-Mihan and Bagher-ol Ulum Seminary so that he could hold Judo classes. Kurd-Mihan also launched Light of Knowledge Institute, but we don’t have time to show you its film. Khamenei praised it a lot and said many institutes like this must be created.

FALAHATI explains Kurd-Mihan’s role in leading the attack against the embassy: Two years later, Kurd-Mihan headed the attack against Saudi’s embassy in Tehran. Listen to him while they were setting fire to Saudi’s embessay.

HASSAN KURD-MIHAN says: They should go there and finish the first part of the job. It is 4 pm. Why are you sitting here bullshitting? Well, I swear you on your mothers’ grave to take these words seriously. You have to take those documents out of there. You should take everything out. But most important thing is the documents and photos and such things. If you take these things out, that embassy will not re-open for a long, long time. Understand what I am saying correctly. If you haven’t done these things, go back in again. Bring out all documents. I will buy them. I will pay for them. Mahdi put on a clip from inside. From those who are inside. From students who are inside. Put on the good clips. Very short ones. 15-second clips. But put on clips. Seyyed Abbas, why is the photo of that guy still on the wall? Bring it down. Bring it for me.

I will pay for it. Set fire to the photo and take selfies with it and send them to me. You should not have set fire to the cars. You should have brought them here. Seyyed Abbas, gather all those documents and bring them. I will pay for them. Bring that document for me. I need it intact. The government of the Islamic Republic is acting against Agha’s [Khamenei] views. It is moving against Agha’s intentions. We are obliged to support Agha either with wisdom or with foolishness. We should make the government understand. Something should have been done, and by God’s power, it did happen. Why is the government so passive? You have committed so many treasons that the people’s feelings are hurt. No such things are accepted.

FALAHATI continues The poor people whose feelings are always hurt! And he wants to buy everything! “Bring the photo, I will pay for it. Bring the documents, I will buy them.” Where does he get the money from? Well, Ghalibaf’s resources are endless.

FALAHATI describes Ghalibaf’s role in Arbaeen march: Why are taxes, fines and municipality’s billion-toman revenues are spent on these things? Why? Well, on the one hand, there is ransacking Saudi’s embassy; on the other hand, there playing the main financial role in Arbaeen march. With the approval of City Council, Tehran municipality received the permit for 5-billon toman aid for being present in Arbaeen march. This was financed from helps and services offered to pilgrims to holy shrines in Tehran. In addition to this, 6 search teams, and more than 10 painting teams for painting the streets, the curbs, and people. Sending 20,000 waste collectors to Karbala and Najaf. And hourly emptying of the reservoirs that are throughout the city of Karbala by using Tehran municipality’s automobiles. Also, a team from municipality workforces are located in Najaf to help this city’s municipality, given the great amount of waste in this city.

FALAHATI points out to Ghalibaf’s good relationship with Qassem Suleimani: Why do you think Qassims Suleimani supported Ghalibaf in 2013 presidential election? Why does he always complement Ghalibaf so much apart from the fact that they were both in war fronts? Well, many were there, but are now enemies with each other. What is the main reason? Its main reason is the same opinion they have with regard to Shia and Sunni conflict in the region. On the one hand, help in setting fire to Saudi’s embassy and leading the attack against the embassy and spending money on it; on the other hand, putting a complete Arbaeen show for the Sunnis in the region and recruiting forces to be deployed to Syria to get killed. Just for adding forces to Qassem Suleimani’s forces in Syria.